Does your Security Strategy Cover CryptoLocker?

By Jake Molko on October 5, 2016

CryptoLocker is a new piece of malware that hackers have created to bypass most contemporary antivirus and antimalware software. How can you protect your business? Make sure you have the most current protection strategies in place.

The Danger of Staying Mostly Current

By Scott Wilson on October 3, 2016

When making technology choices, it’s important to evaluate more than just your current needs. It’s important to ask what other commitments you’re making that could put your security at risk. Here’s a personal story as an example.

Is Printing Critical to Your Business?

By Chris Collins on September 6, 2016

Do you think about your printers on a daily basis? Probably not. But, if it breaks or runs out of toner on, say, payroll day, what do you do? If the answer to that question is concerning to you, printing is likely critical to your business. 

Could a Hybrid Cloud Help?

By Scott Wilson on August 30, 2016

What type of cloud is right for your business - public, private or a hybrid? This is the third in a three part series to help you make that decision.

Can You Hear Me Now?

By Drew Embury on August 23, 2016

We are proud to announce that this year’s keynote for the Discover NOLOGY – User Conference is our own Kyle Swanda. Join us as he talks more in-depth about the convergence of business voice, video and audio conference calling. 

New Solution for P&L Technology Customers: QuickHelp Learning Platform

By Jake Molko on August 15, 2016

As our customers’ technology partner, we’re trusted to be on the lookout for new ways to help them get the most out of their technology investments. We’re excited to announce a new product offering that addresses a long-time challenge for our customers: end-user software education.

Is a Public Cloud Right For Your Business?

by Scott Wilson on July 28, 2016

What type of cloud is right for your business - public, private or a hybrid? This is the second in a three part series to help you make that decision.

Roadtrip Toolkit

by Brian Edwards on July 19, 2016

It’s vacation season. Here’s what I used to stay connected, getting a little work done while spending time with my family. Working remotely allowed me to extend the trip while ending the quarter and staying in touch with my team. 

P&L Technology - A Part of Your TEAM

by Rick Sheehy on July 6, 2016

Every day the P&L Technology team strives to put our customers in a position to win. Our motto is to "make a difference" in each of our clients' businesses through 100% accountability. 

Does Your Business Need a Private Cloud?

By Scott Wilson on June 29, 2016

What type of cloud is right for your business - public, private or a hybrid? This is the first in a three part series to help you make that decision.

Relax. We'll Upgrade While You're Out.

By Jake Molko on June 13, 2016

Summer is a great time to work with your IT provider to perform maintenence and upgrade projects while employees are out of the office or business volume is down. 

Registration Open for 2016 Users Conference

By Drew Embury on May 26, 2016

P&L Technology hosts an annual conference for our clients called NOLOGY Delivered. In its third year, the 2016 conference will be even bigger and better than before. Based solely on the feedback from our clients, here is a sneak-peek at some of the themes for this year’s event.

How Secure is The Cloud?

by Scott Wilson on April 28, 2016

A recent report on the state of the security industry report showed that one-quarter of all data breaches take organizations weeks, or even months, to contain. IT providers tend to overestimate the security measures deployed within their own walls as well as their ability to contain customer-data breaches. By contrast, large cloud providers have security teams, systems and tools constantly monitoring operations.

All is Well

by Phil Lieber on April 13, 2016

“You can’t have a positive attitude and be optimistic only when things are going your way.” Those wise words were shared with me many times by my business partner Bill Mackintosh, who recently lost his battle with cancer. Bill also ended every email or conversation with, “All is well.” That was his motto. I learned a lot from Bill and work to reflect his optimism every day.

Moving An Office: There is more than meets the eye!

by Jake Molko on March 22, 2016

Over the past year or so, we have witnessed an increase in the number of office moves our customers are initiating. I love seeing this, because it tells me that our customers are doing so well that they have outgrown their spaces and need more room to service their growing customer bases. I'm no economist, but I think that the success and growth of our customers is a good leading indicator for the state of the local economy!